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About Us

We are a group of filmakers and authors, bound by a desire to show the many faces of reality, giving a special attention to social issues.

We are interested in exploring people, their emotions and contradictions, the territories they live in and the social dynamics of groups and their changes.

Cristina Donno


graduated in “Politics at Bologna University, she specializes in Television Production and works in several Tv Productions and some commercials. Curious traveller and interested in social and ecological issues, in 2011 founded Fufilm, to produce independent documentaries: Ortobello, a medium length documentary was selected in several National and International Festival and won different awards in 2013. The Human Horses, realized in 2013, still in distribution, also selected in several International festival, won Best Director at Life after Oil and Best Cinematography at Delhi International Film Festival in 2014.

Marco Landini


was born in Bologna in 1972, and has been working as freelance cameraman in the broadcast industry for 20 years, and also for many TV programs, live music, sports events, industrial films, commercials and videoclips.
Along with his work on television, he bears the passion of photography.
In 2010 he begins to be keen on documentaries and shoots “Dove osano le mucche”, his first short documentary (2010), which was awarded at some festivals. In 2012 he released his second documentary “Ortobello”, a medium length film which also won several awards, and was selected at Internacional Festival de Cinema Ambiental FICA in Brazil, and at Green Film Festival in Seoul, Korea In 2013.
In 2014, with The Human Horses, won Best Direction at Life after Oil and Best Cinematography Award at Delhi International Film Festival.

Gianluca Marcon


born in Alessandria in 1974, after working as a chemical analyst in a factory, with 27 years old decides to study cinema and moves to Bologna. After graduating at Dams Cinema, he starts to collaborate with cultural associations and realizes different videos, short films, videoclips and historical documentation.  After “E noi ve lo diciamo” in 2011, his first documentary about Ultras, shooted his second documentary, Ortobello, which won several national awards and was selected also at Internacional Festival de Cinema Ambiental, Fica in Brazil, and at Green Film Festival  GFFIS, in Seoul, Korea, in 2013. In 2013 wrote the script of The Human Horses, selected also in several International Festival and still in distribution.

Rosario Simanella


Born in 1980, after finishing his PhD in Film Making at Bologna University, Rosario Simanella started to work as a filmaker. As an enthusiastic traveller he became particularly interested in Indian and South American cultures and societies and completed a number of self produced films in Bolivia and India. In 2011 Ross founded his own film cooperative FUFILM, and continued to produce and direct documentaries .With The Human Horses, shot in KolKata in 2012, he partecipated to several international contests and won the Jury Special Award at the London Award Film in 2013, The Best director prize at the Sardinia Film Festival in 2014, and the Best cinematography award at the Delhi film festival in 2014.