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The life of group of women living in Nangi, a tiny village on the rugged mountain ranges of Nepal. They are Magar Women. They produce income, decide for themselves, love nature. They have a pronounced sense of community and have done of their village a model of women emancipation. In a country where the women conditions are one of the world’s worst, the Nangi women fight with the strength of their smile. A choral film on these women seen in their everyday activities: the “group work” and the herbarium, the community meetings and the religious rituals in the so called “Magic Forest”. Around them the amazing landscape of one of the world most high and unknown mountain ranges.


Directed by: Rosario Simanella
Production: FuFilm
Format, Sound: Full HD – Stereo
Language: Nepali
Subtitles: English/Italian
Authors: Cristina Donno, Gianluca Marcon, Elsa Sallenave
Cinematographer: Marco Landini
Sound: Jan Maio
Music: Jan Maio, Massimiliano Amatruda