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The Gate to Eternity

The story about three people Kamla Dasi, Peter and Jay Ram Das, who decided to move to Vrindavan from different places to live and most important to die in this holy place. All three of them believe that if they will die in Vrindavan, they will escape the endless cycle of reincarnation and reach God once and for all.

This movie will tell us a different story about India and spirituality in a very fast growing and controversial society. Three different stories told with a critical eye about the characters spirituality and the way they want to reach their final goal, Moksha.

We will show the audience the contradiction of Vrindavan, this extrem holy place, which is affected by economical speculation. Will Kamla Dasi, Peter and Jay Ram Das be able to preserve their spirituality and simple life style in a fast growing and westernising India?


Directed by: Rosario Simanella, Tamara Farnetani
Production: FuFilm
Format, Sound: Full HD – Stereo
Language: English, Hindi
Subtitles: English/Italian



A city among the most sacred of India situated in a territory to which hindus refer as “Hindustan”, a purgatory on earth of deep religiosity but especially important to the point of death because fundamental for archieving “Moksha”, the liberation of the cycle of rebirth and union with God.

It is precisely here where our three protagonist have decided to spend part of their existence and their own death.

Kamla Dasi, an indian woman 40 years old from Kolkata who now lives since 20 years in Vrindavan. Because of her extreme poverty she never married, since the parents did not own the money to pay the dowry to the family of the future husband. It is socially not accepted in India for a woman to live alone or not marry. Those women become often an easy target of violence and exploitation.

She decided to move to this sacred town, also famous because it welcomes many widows and not married women in the whole of India, providing them with a place to sleep in the many ashrams and food thanks to the charity of many piligrims who every day crowd the hundreds of temple in the territory.

A small and shy woman of great faith, abandoned to itself because of the condition of single woman in India, spends her days chanting the name of Krishna, trying to survive by begging.

Jay Ram Das, a 60 years old Baba, spiritual leader, greatly respected and eseemed, who fled from his family at age 5 years to come to this city, pushed by the love of God. He is responsible for a big ashram where are kept about 100 white cows, the symbol of Krishna for excellence. His day begins at dawn with the deep prayer and repeating the mantra, then continues with the visit of the devotees and the collection of donations that are used to mantain life in the ashram. With him are living about 30 devotees who take care of the cows, cook for the pilgrims and pray several times a day. Even Jay Ram Das who is a very calm and peacefull man has been affected by fast contemporary India. He now is the owner of a Jeep and has a personal driver to attempt functions all over India.

Finally Peter, 45 years old american who is a Hare Krishna, coming from Seattle that has lived more than 17 years in Vrindavan, in a house not far from the beautifull ISKON Temple, the luxurious temple of the Hare Krishna, open to all pilgrims and devotees. He dresses the color of renunciation (safron, a salmon-colored), studyng the sacred text, practicing long periods of meditation, he abstains completely from wordly life. All the followers of Krishna do not eat meat or eggs, do not smoke or drink alcohol, believing that the body and the spirit must remain pure. Every day he passes numerous hours in Inskon temple chanting actively the sacred mantra accompanied by other devotees with various musical instruments, as he is part of 24 hours ISKON Temple Orchestra. In an enjoyable atmoshere and exciting at the same time, trying to mantain their mind clean and clear, singing the name of God, a way of not thinking, not speaking and not to sin, freeing his soul from all wordly temptations.
He helps new arrived devotees coming from abroad to get around and to adapt to the complete different culture, food and climate, which is quite difficult for them. Peter has his own struggle and can relate well to all of their problems. All of them have one thing in common, living in Vrindavan and die here, in one of the most sacred but also underdevelopped place in India, with the common belief that one’s death in this place is the only way to meet God and reach eternity, Moksha.

A different approach to the common way of thinking, an existence linked to research the correct way of living and dying, carried out by people with different origins and cultures, but fatally attracted by the force exerted by this eternal and fast developing city